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About the Network Connector

Congratulations for deciding to use the Attrace ecosystem for your affiliate marketing, you are now part of the community for next generation online advertising!

Before you can start registering your agreements, clicks, sales etc. on the public Attrace blockchain (the Attrace Network), you will need a tool to do the actual "registering". To help you understand why this is needed:

In traditional affiliate marketing you are working with a middleman, the Affiliate Network, which works as follows:

  • You implement your MetaTags on your website which will forward the leads generated by the Publisher via the middleman to the Merchant
  • The central database of the middleman is storing all the information from all parties

With Attrace there is no middleman to register agreements, clicks or sales. Instead all information is registered on the (incorruptible) public Attrace blockchain.

With Attrace there is no middleman, so the question is: Who is going to register the information on the blockchain?

Attrace has a tool named "Attrace Network Connector" which enables any party to register information on the Attrace blockchain.

There are 3 options for installing and using the Attrace Network Connector:

(1) In case you trust nobody: Install the Network Connector on your own server

This is the option in case you do not trust anybody but yourself and want to take back control of all your transactions, registrations and data.

This option allows you to host your own MasterTag library.

There is no 3rd party javascript inclusion needed.

So in other words: With this option you will host the Attrace Network Connector on your own server (of your website) and you yourself will write all the agreements, clicks, sales etc. directly on the Attrace blockchain.

(2) Use the Attrace Wordpress Plugin and you will also have your Network Connector installed

In case you have a Wordpress website you can install the Attrace Wordpress Plugin.

The integration of this plugin is very easy / straight forward and the plugin already has the Attrace Network Connector embedded.

In other words: With the Attrace Wordpress Plugin you already have your Attrace Network Connector installed at your own server so in practise this is exactly the same as installing the Attrace Network Connector yourself.

The Attrace Wordpress Plugin also has a WooCommerce add-on.

(3) Use a Serverless Solution

With this option the only thing a Merchant or Publisher needs to do is install the MetaTags, exactly the same as when working with traditional Affilate Networks.

Please note: The actual registering of the information on the blockchain is in this case outsourced to a server of a trusted 3rd party (an Attrace Consultant) and in that case it is this consultant that runs the Attrace Network Connector on behalf of the Publisher.

This option is predominantly useful for influencers, bloggers etc. and it would require the Publisher trusting a 3rd party to write all information on the blockchain. That being said, once registered on the blockchain the info is again incorruptible.

Advantages of installing your own Network Connector

Apart from 3rd party Attrace Consultants, Merchants are also able to run the Network Connector for the Publishers. This would further simplify the onboarding process of Publishers which especially makes life easier for e.g. influencers that do not have access to the server of the website they are operating from.

However, in general also Publishers should aim for running their own Network Connector because:

  • When Publishers instal the Wordpress plugin, the affiliate links will become redirects, which improves SEO of the Publisher
  • When a Publisher runs the Network Connector in-house, management of multiple Merchants becomes easier
  • When a Publisher is outsourcing its own Network Connector to a 3rd party it means Publisher does not have own data and statistics on own server, for that info Publisher would have to contact the party / server running the Network Connector
  • When a 3rd party (or Merchant) is running a Network Connector on behalf of a Publisher it means this 3rd party server with the Network Connector is writing the Publisher traffic on the blockchain, making the Publisher dependant on the uptime of the 3rd party server