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Network commission

Attrace registers clicks/leads, sales tracking and commission payments.

Each action on the Attrace blockchain needs to be fuelled with a transaction fee paid in Attrace token (ATTR).

These fees are paid by either the Publisher or the Merchant.

Publisher commission

Publishers will need Attrace token (ATTR) to pay for every individual click to be registered on the Attrace chain.

These fees will be very low (around $0.0002 per contract).*

All fees paid by Publishers will go to the Witnesses (Computers) that are running the Attrace blockchain.

*Context: A Publisher promoting insurances with normal converting traffic would in this model be paying roughly $1 to assure that around $1200-5000 of commission is correctly allocated with guaranteed full security and transparency. The first couple million transactions will be for free and once purchase of Attrace token (ATTR) is needed this can all be arranged automatically, no need to understand blockchain.

Merchant commission

Merchants will need Attrace token (ATTR) every time they pay a commission to the Publisher.

Fee is set at 0.5 - 5% of the commission paid to publisher. This will be used to buy ATTR.

Of the paid ATTR 80% will be burnt and 20% will go to maintenance of the Attrace ecosystem (tech maintenance and account management).

The first couple hundred transactions will be for free and once purchase of ATTR is needed this will all be arranged automatically.