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With Attrace, sales affiliate tracking can be on a decentralized blockchain solution.

Merchant = Party selling product or service

Publisher = Other parties that promote and direct traffic to Merchant

Sales can have following statuses:

  • Open
  • Approved
  • Sale
  • Rejected


In order to implement Attrace as a merchant it is important to understand the underlying architecture of the network. Attrace is a decentralized solution, meaning that a party can take responsibility for its own transactions on the network.

Server side

Every party can implement a server side connector (available in different languages like PHP, NodeJS, and more) to create and sign transactions on the network. This means that a tracking is always online, as long as the website is available.

Currently, Attrace does not support .net connectors yet. Hence we set up a so called serverless solution for Merchant, which is hosted on this domain:​ The integration-configs, javascript and api will be hosted here in a dedicated box.

Implement the tracking as Merchant

As a Merchant you need to add the mtag javascript library on the page you want to track the conversion.

Implement the tracking as Merchant

Note that the 8 chars (x​ kCcc6el​) are random to avoid caching, it could be replaced by any other hash, like for instance revision number or so.

Invoke a conversion

In order to invoke a conversion, add the following javascript:

In order to invoke a conversion

  • First param should always be ‘sale’. Attrace also supports ‘leads’.
  • Second param is a callback, this can be kept null.
  • Third param is metadata you want to store with this sale, like order ID or booking reference.
  • Last param is an array of sales values. Just put in the total amount of this sale, ​as a string​. The network will calculate the right commission based on the agreement.


For statistics, log on to your merchant dashboard.