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Before you start your first campaign you will need to set up a Attrace Wallet

When you press "Start a campaign" the first thing you'll have to do is set up your Attrace Wallet.

The manual for setting up your Attrace Wallet you can find here

Most important thing to remember at all times is TO NEVER LOSE YOUR PRIVATE KEY.

Define your promotion

After you've set up your wallet you will end up on this page:

This is the page where you will have to provide the website from which you will be selling your products (e.g.

Once you have filled in your URL you will be forwarded to a page where you can define your conversion points

Here you can define

  • URL where the sale will be closed (e.g. the thank you page on your website)
  • Cookie time (Days)
  • How much commission you are offering to pay for every sale (conversion)

It could be that a visitor/lead/click can be converted in more than one way, for example

  • You are willing to pay commission for every sale achieved (e.g. https//
  • You are also wiling to pay - a very likely lower - commission for every registration achieved (without a sale yet, e.g. https//

(Note: Cookie time for both conversion points stays the same but you can change the commission.)

Press save and you have now successfully created your campaign.

Implementing your Master Tag and Conversion Tags

You can now see on the left of your screen the Master Tag and Conversion Tags:

  • The Master Tag is a JavaScript library that you (the Merchant) should embed on your website. The Tag contains all functions required for the Attrace tracking solution and should be unconditionally appended to every page on the site, including the confirmation page.
  • the Conversion Tag is the of the Attrace action function in order to instruct that a conversion has taken place. Conversion events happen whenever a customer reaches a conversion point (e.g. a sale or thank-you page). Tracking conversion requires the Master Tag to be integrated on the site.

Share your Publisher link with whomever wants to promote your offer

On the right hand site of the campaign-created-page you will find a link you can copy and share with any party that is willing to promote your product:

You can share the Publisher link in any way you like:

  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Sms
  • Post it on a blog or your website for all to see does not matter.

Once your publisher has clicked on the Attrace link that has been especially made for your offering, the Publisher will

  • See what product you are promoting
  • See what commission you are willing to pay for a sale (or e.g. registration)
  • Cookie time of leads generated
  • If the Publisher agrees to your proposal the Publisher will automatically set up a Attrace Wallet and Account, his website will be validated by Attrace and once Publisher has implemented your Tags he will start sending traffic/leads to your website

That's it!