Help >  DLT >  Basic structure Attrace >  Attrace consists of four main components  

Attrace Public Network 

  • Processes blocks and transactions on the public network
  • Custom build in Golang with focus on scalability and performance
  • Currently 13 globally distributed witnesses (nodes) operational
  • Delegated Proof of Stake consensus
  • 15K-50K transactions per second with block time of 750ms – 1 sec
  • Serving UI of the wallet and network explorer
  • API endpoint for all operations and transactions

Network Connectors for end-users

  • Server-side component that can create and push transactions to the Public Network
  • Easy to install plugins for common CMS in stores
  • Direct communication and configuration from dashboard for status and managing agreements

UI System 

  • Dynamic configurable UI to create dashboard for all parties
  • Any party can install, adjust and host a version for their needs
  • uses the UI system with own configuration


  • Attrace box for easy installation of own dashboard, campaign and Network Connector 
  • Payment facilitator available for fiat transactions
  • Proxy for facilitating click agreement for consultants