HAPPY 2021

HAPPY 2021


Dear All,

We wish all of you a fantastic 2021!

Looking back over the last 12 months, in February Attrace went live with MVP and obtained first traction with main verticals - as far as we can see - in accounting software, gaming and crypto.

For Attrace, the year 2021 will be defining in terms of

  • Obtaining critical mass
  • Listing question
  • Consensus and community

Attrace still is the only operational blockchain dedicated to affiliate marketing in the world.

and there is a reason for that:

Although the use case is obvious, merging affiliate marketing with blockchain technology is challenging on many levels: Basic requirements blockchain, UI/UX, adaptation target group, consensus, legal and did we mention legal.

For the coming year everything has been mapped out and thought through thoroughly.

In February there will be the quarterly update and once the lockdown is over we will organise another “update” event!

For now we wish you the very best,

Attrace Team