Dear All,

Hereby the Attrace quarterly update of November 2020:


Beta partner banner has been removed as Attrace reached goal of 25 beta partners for network testing.

In the coming weeks you can expect a new Attrace homepage. The current homepage will still exist but as an underlying onboarding page. There will be a new layer on top which we have designed after extensive user testing and feedback. 


Last three months main focus of Attrace dev teams has been on further improving technical integrations for end-users by continuous updating plugins and connectors. (This is why we were reaching out for beta partners.) 

The beta partners came up with new requirements and situations resulting in some new ideas to further improve the overal proposition of Attrace, for example:

In the basic Attrace structure, end-users have their own “network connectors” to talk to the Attrace blockchain, a technical methodology not used in traditional affiliate networks. Turns out these connectors also enable easy development of other features: 

  • One of the main concern Publishers have is that their clicks / leads generated are not accurately registered (we had that one covered already in basic proposition, Attrace guarantees accurate registration on the blockchain). However, for various Publishers, another concern is about clicks / leads not arriving at the Merchant website because Merchant landing pages do not work properly anymore. For this Attrace added the ATTRACE PULSE system: A piece of software on the network connector that is continuous checking the status of all tracking links, assuring there are no dead ends in the links from Publisher to Merchant website  
  • We also developed the ATTRACE ARRIVAL CHECKER: A tool confirming that all traffic from Publisher has arrived at Merchant website AND (this is the innovative part) confirming that the tracking cookie has been placed correctly (which you can then register as an individual measuring point on the public network)    

Both ideas seemed pretty straightforward yet problematic to solve via traditional affiliate network systems. 


Over the last quarter there has been no change in the Attrace team, other than the temporarily hirings of usability experts to assure the Attrace UI/UX and future landing pages are as optimised and as targeted as possible. 


Compared to the previous quarter - and as far as we can see - our end-user base has grown with about 60%. In terms of traffic we easily doubled. However, please know these numbers still mean very little at this stage since we have only been live for a couple of months. 

Apart from working with European partners there seems to be some interest from the USA via various angles. Surprising as it is not the first market where we expected to gain quick traction. 


Very targeted, an example was the performanceIN article.

SEO strategy (for organic traffic) seems to be working. 


As mentioned in previous update, following the connection of PayPal to the Attrace Network, Attrace is now earning income. As anticipated this income is not very high and it will not be high in the months to come. Realistically this will take a couple of quarters. 


A big one that nobody cares about: Attrace now has an official declaration that it is 

  • NOT a crypto exchange
  • NOT a payment provider

which is rather handy if you are operating in the European Union. 


Last quarter we closed a couple of convertible loan agreements to assure a bridge until Series A or listing. 

This quarter we closed another €550K bridge with Attrace founders to speed up go to market.

Hope this has been informative and very best regards,

Attrace Team