Dear all,

As promised hereby the update of February

Wallet update

For those interested in OTC trading:

  • As of right now the “send ATTR” functionality is live within the Attrace wallets so besides receiving ATTR you can now also send ATTR to other Attrace wallets

Aim for listing in 3 months

  • We have final confirmation on all legals and can now go for listing
  • Aim is to be listed in approximately 3 months time
  • Attrace has already been accepted by various exchanges
  • We will start with one large exchange and one smaller exchange
  • Names of exchanges will be released in due time
  • We will not start with Binance (cost benefit not interesting at this stage)

No ICO so there will be compensation for token holders

  • We think the ICO market is not interesting anymore
  • We have decided to go for a direct listing without ICO
  • Therefore, as agreed per basic Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) of the private contribution round, the tokens which were allocated for the ICO will be divided pro-rato to all token holders
  • This effectively means all contributors will receive another 60% extra ATTR in their wallets
  • You can expect the extra ATTR in your wallet by tomorrow evening

Why another 3 months before listing

  • Never a dull moment, over the last three months two team members of Attrace have come up with a second MVP related to Attrace
  • Idea seems too interesting to ignore
  • As a matter of fact, idea seems too interesting to delay
  • We first want to validate this new MVP before listing
  • We believe this second MVP might have a positive impact on the listing

Other than that things are business as usual nr of users is still growing.

Another update next month!

Attrace Team