Attrace Update May 2020

Attrace Update May 2020

Dear All,

In the below the latest Attrace update.


Network update release completed, new features are:

  • Libraries (PHP/Node/Wordpress), enabling easy implementation of “pushing transactions on the network” functionality;
  • Operational keys, granting permissions to keys for operations to avoid e.g. the need of using private keys for backend configurations;
  • UI System updates, now a dynamic and configurable system to generate dashboard and on-boarding for new publishers and merchants, configured at; and for
  • Upgraded Attrace Network Explorer with various development tools.

Some of these updates will also enable easier implementation of new innovative features that are yet to be released (and which we will disclose in time).



Over the last month we have been testing the Attrace PoC with some blue chip end-users from our existing network to further understand the additional UI features required. We have now reached the point where we can slowly start with actively approaching end-users. This will for now predominantly happen via the “Consultancy model”.


Pleased to announce that - by exception - Amazon has decided to sponsor Attrace for the second time with AWS computing power and database storage.

Even though the Attrace Public network is live already, the Attrace network development team still uses a lot of AWS capacity for network upgrade testing. In other words, the - $185.000 - AWS credits are very useful and much appreciated. Big thanks to Amazon for their continuous support!

More news soon and very best regards,

Attrace Team