Attrace Update April 2020

Attrace Update April 2020

Dear All,

Firstly, we hope that all of you and your families are still healthy and happy given the coronavirus circumstances.

So one more time:

To all Merchants and Publishers whom have started with PoC or are already live on the Attrace Network (we do not know all of you - obviously - because Attrace is decentralised):

Please at all times act according to the coronavirus rules as communicated by your local governments. At all times act safely, comfortably and responsibly.


For the time being the coronavirus is not affecting Attrace. This is to some extend expected.

Status Attrace IT Development teams:

The Attrace IT Development teams are located in offices in Europe and Asia. Since day one, the management of these teams have always been structured in such a way that it can be run completely online in a very efficient manner. As a response to the crisis we have obviously asked all developers to work from home and comply with the rules communicated by local governments. So far working from home has had zero impact on the speed of our IT development, everything is still on schedule.

Status Attrace Business Development teams:

About 90% of Attrace business development happened online. Occasionally there were meetings in person and those are obviously now also online. In other words, no large impact on daily business development activities. Of course there won’t be any conferences happening for a while so focus is now on verticals we planned to target online anyway.

So far no negative impact on traction:

  • Attrace is at the core an online marketing solution
  • In general online traffic seems on the rise due to the general lockdown requirements
  • Now that physical stores are closed there is an even more than ever before focus on the online space, and even if overall sales for an Merchant might go down (we sincerely hope they’ll get through this) the online sales - and therefore online marketing - could still go up

Attrace is currently onboarding PoC end-users, some of which are prestigious blue chip companies. Once those are connected to the network (which will help us identify the final Account UI tweaks necessary) the full go-to-market push will become more visible.

In that light we will also announce a new team member later this week.

Stay healthy and very best regards,

Attrace Team