Attrace launches new website ATTRACE.ORG

Attrace launches new website ATTRACE.ORG

Dear All,

As some of you might already know, is effectively a website demonstrating what is possible when using the technology of the Attrace network / blockchain.

It is therefore no more than logical that the Attrace network / blockchain itself should have a dedicated environment.

Because of this we hereby release:

Here you will find everything about the Attrace network / blockchain e.g. basic software, guides, references and development tools.

This is a website for the developing community. Anybody can contribute to the documentation by submitting merge requests via Gitlab.


It was no option to keep this documentation in Gitlab. The Attrace documentation is rather complicated and extended. In order to keep a structured overview for our community we identified there is a need for a documentation system that is less static than the Gitlab environment, which is why we have created this new website.

So to wrap up once more:

  • is a website about the core Attrace netwerk / blockchain. This website is dedicated to all core engineers, integration developers, node operators or other parties interested in the Attrace tech.
  • is demonstrating what can be achieved when using the information from to develop your own network. It is a business targeting all Publisher, Merchants or Consultant who are aiming to use the Attrace USP directly for their affiliate marketing activities.

Another update very soon and best regards,

Attrace team