Attrace item on Dutch TV channel RTL-Z

Attrace item on Dutch TV channel RTL-Z

Dear All,

Yesterday Attrace was discussed on Dutch TV channel RTL-Z.

In the coming month there will be 6 repeats in two programs, "De Barometer" and "How it's done".

  • July 12th 10.00
  • July 14th 15.30
  • July 18th 16.00
  • August 1st 17.00
  • August 4th 16.30
  • August 8th 10.30

This will be the start of Attrace slowly going more public with the affiliate marketing MVP.

We've made be a slightly modified version of the TV item (e.g. without subtitles) for our future marketing package. This video you can find here.

More news soon!

Very best,

Attrace team